we hosted our first rehab & coffee!

We are happy to say it was a complete success. We had over 35 cars show up and had a blast. Made a lot of new friends and also new customers. We are hosting this monthly! So come out and join us! Second saturday of each month!


we are customizing the supra

Check out the full update on our ‘Surpa rebuild’ page! This ROSE GOLD hardware is going to be stunning on the three piece wheel we are having built! Can’t wait for you guys to see it. She is getting closer and closer to being on the road!


Here is how a clutch looks when its slipping!

This. Is. Not. Good. Look how run down that is! Definitely not safe when this is trying to engage on the road. We enjoy informing our customer when the signs start showing, so that by the time you REALLY need a clutch, you already have a budget in place to get it repaired.