The Auto Rehab Difference


Auto Rehab is located at 204 S Mike's Pike in Flagstaff Arizona and was started in August of 2011. We are right down the street from the new NAU HUB!

We're a complete automotive repair and maintenance shop that also specializes in automotive performance. We are a shop that focuses on honesty, integrity and educating customers of what truly needs to be repaired. We work on all import and domestic vehicles. Everything from oil changes, tune ups, timing belts, to engine swaps.

We also offer many performance options ranging from cold air intakes, turbochargers, nitrous, superchargers, lift kits for trucks and interior lighting as well. Our dedication to our customers is to place their needs and wants as our top priority. We aspire to provide quality workmanship and long lasting repairs with a 12 month/12000 mile warranty on all repairs.


Proudly the Best of Flagstaff Winners for 5 years running!

We believe knowledge is power. It’s the best way to keep you from being taken advantage of in our industry. This is why we inform people.
— Derek and Sally

Meet Our Team

We truly believe we have the best in the Business! Every person we have hired, shares our vision of having a HONEST place where others can have their vehicles worked on. Some of our guys were entry/mid level techs. Others didn't know much about vehicles to begin with. However, ALL have been trained by Derek on how to diagnose each vehicle and do each job thoroughly. We have trained our guys to treat each vehicle as if it is their mother's vehicle. If it was their mothers vehicle, they would go above and beyond to make sure all the fluids were topped off, the whole vehicle was inspected, and only what actually needed to be fixed would be fixed/recommended. This is the mindset that infiltrates our shop.

It is equally as important to us that our guys are well taken care of. We make sure we pay them above fair pay, treat them with the upmost respect, and hold them accountable to own up to their own mistakes. We provide a safe environment for mistakes that have been made, to be revealed and then made right.  Our employees are like family and we host events where, as a family, we hang out outside of work. 

By taking good care of our team, we ensure that our customers will be well taken care of as well. 


HERE'S ANOTHER REVIEW! These reviews are a direct result of how we treat our team. They treat our customers the way we treat them. 

" My fiance and I were traveling back across the country when my car started making a noise. We had reservations for the night in Albuquerque, NM, but stopped to have it checked out before we went any further. We stopped at another mechanic's shop where they told us we had no other option but to get it fixed (for an incredibly high price at their shop). We drove to Auto Rehab to get a second opinion, where we met Derek.
We told him what the other mechanic had told us the problem was, and he and his team checked it out (allowing us to see, as well). He then told us what he would charge to fix it (MUCH less than the other shop) and also told us that we could make it to our next destination without any problems. He could have easily said that we had no other options, but instead he sacrificed business, and told us the truth. He was right, and we made it without any problems to our next destination where we had it fixed.

Completely honest and affordable. I cannot speak highly enough about Derek and Auto Rehab.."


Derek and Sally Tungmala



Daniel Ledford Jr.

Service Writer



Specialties We specialize in Automotive Repair and Performance. Any vehicle smaller than a big rig truck we are able to work on. To be more specific we specialize in Import and Domestic passenger vehicles. Performance wise we specialize in: Installing Turbo Charger Kits, Supercharger Kits, NOS Kits, Engine Swaps, Cams, Bolt on Exhaust Systems, Down Pipes, Intercoolers, Racing Clutch Kits, Coil overs and all other performance parts. We are unable to do Auto Body or Diesel work at this time.

History - Established in 2011 We opened in 2011, and had our first location (Auto Rehab 1) at 799 W Route 66. We had that location for 4 years and then expanded to our second location (Auto Rehab 2) at 204 S Mike's Pike. In February 2018, we decided to move everyone to our current location Auto Rehab 2. We have one large location now.   

Meet the Business Owners: Derek and Sally T. Derek and Sally Tungmala are the owners of Auto Rehab. Derek has worked in Automotive Repair for 15+ years and is ASE Certified. He not only specializes in repair, but also in Car Audio and Automotive Performance. Besides owner, he is also the head Mechanic. Sally handles public relations, social media, and is the Payroll Secretary of the Business. She has been in Customer Service for 15 years.

The Motivation Behind Auto Rehab:

“We started our shop to help people. We were tired of people being treated unfairly in our city, so we opened our business Auto Rehab. We are aware that Mechanic shops are looked at as dishonest often times, but we seek to show our integrity by being completely thorough in our work and only informing customers of what actually NEEDS to be done at the moment. We will also give a heads up of what needs to be done in 6-12 months from when we checked the vehicle.

We have been serving our city through this business for 8 years and now it’s time to serve more people. That’s why we decided to have a website, and create a Youtube channel. We want to treat everyone online the same as we treat our physical customers. Our desire is to inform you so that you never have to worry about being taken advantage of. This is how we are putting YOU over our industry, because rather than doing what others in our industry do, we are spilling the secrets of WHAT TO WATCH FOR when you walk into any shop. Let us inform you and give you some of the knowledge we’ve acquired over the years. We want you to be just as informed (if not more so) than the individual behind the desk, whenever and wherever you get your vehicle repaired. Watch and SUBSCRIBE to our channel to become fully informed! Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!”